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After hearing a group of children admonished for singing an inappropriate song, Elsa Johnson Bass thought how much better to teach them songs worth singing rather than to silence them. Subsequently, she wrote the title poem that became a song, that became a musical theater production. 


From 1990 to 1993, the cast and crew of the Image Theater Ensemble toured schools, churches and other organizations in a production initially called Elsa! The title was later changed to Let the Children Sing. Composed of theater, music, dance and spoken word, this production celebrated the joy of knowing Jesus Christ and sharing His love to the world.Our children’s chorus was comprised of children from across the Delaware Valley. Their energy and enthusiasm delighted audiences of all ages. One of our participants said recently “It was the happiest time of my life.”


We are delighted to welcome several members of the original cast to help us celebrate this milestone. You will be thrilled to learn of their many achievements in the past three decades.

The program will feature musical guests Gail Jackson and David P. Stevens, and scenes from the original show.  Memorial tributes will honor our choreographer, Ardie Stuart Brown and our musical director, Darryl W. Johnson Sr.

We love them and miss them deeply. Won’t you join us as we lift our voices once again to “sing a song of hope and a song of love?”

Our Cast

 PARTICIPANTS: Elsa Johnson Bass • Faith Dyson Washington • Desma S. Johnson • Zahmu Sankofa 

CHILDREN’S CHORUS: Aaron Bass • Jared Bass • Angela Chapple • Shana Chapple • Elizabeth Duncan

Thomas Duncan • Darryl Johnson Jr. • Kristin Johnson • Sean Tripline • Victoria Trower

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